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Saturday with Fur-iends, Sunday walks and Dragon..fruit!

Good morning! Today's post is a medley of Saturday and Sunday's walk plus happenings. Yesterday both Zackt and me had a date with Muffin at the Botanical Gardens. We gave Muffin her belated barkday goodie pack. Come on Zackt, let's go meet Muffin! Right behind you Maxx! There she is! Taking a breather before resuming our walk Hey Muffin, stay in line will you..! Time for some grazing * Muffin's mommy was kind enough to send us a pic of Ms Muffin posing with her goodies! We're glad she liked them! Today we went to the beach (some human woke up late..) Checking the grounds Sniffing the air Enjoying the scenery Later at home; What's this Smells weird Is it chewable.. Lets see... Mommy says it's called Dragon Fruit..funny though it didnt look like a dragon! It's also known as Pitara fruit This is what the inside looks like. Mommy says it has lots of health benefits and a good source of fiber. By the way is that for me..? Cheers, T Maxx

Golden wishes

Allo All! Happy Friday! Today i would like to include some of my Golden Retriever friends who celebrated their Barkday this week Meet Muffin; She just turned 4 a couple days ago * * This is big buddy Kintaro, who turned 8 on the 16th of Feb Look at that face! Yes buddy i hear you! Here's wishing more good, healthy, happy years to come for the two of them! CHEERS!! Now for some walk pics; I luv the cool morning air and the color of the sky It's starting to get brighter..! Halt! Who goes there..? Water break Smile you're on Mommy's Camera! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Cheers, T Maxx

Then and Now Thursday

Once upon a time, approximately about 5 or so years ago.. and then this is now Part 2 then and now :) My My how time flies! P.s - As the years passed, the rings around my eyes seems to grow thinner and further apart..:( Cheers, Tanuki Maxx

Can woo see me..

Cheers, Tanuki Maxx

Morning Catch

Hello Everypup and humans! A little late on our Monday's post but here goes; We were at the beach and got there just in time to catch the morning sunrise One more shot from the jetty Woo...look at that golden sphere And here's me! Anyhowls, on our way back to the car i did a little catching of my own can woo see them? cluck cluck! 3 of them, two white and a grey one! fluffing their tails in front of me too much temptation! almost got one! I can see you.. Look at it, it's toying with me..! Alas, i didnt get any of them but i got a piece of jerky afterwards! Enjoy your day! Cheers, Tanuki Maxx

Sunday with Dad

Today i spent the morning re-bonding with the Dadster since he just got back from his 10 days trip. We walked at the beach and enjoyed the breeze as well as tried chasing some birds and kitty kats along the way. Come along dad, this way Sand is so therapeutic for my paws.. So is watching sandcastles! But nothing could've prepared me for what was coming afterwards ... BATH TIME! :( I feel so cheated... * Quit snapping that flashy thing mom and help me get this door open! Does this look like a moment i want to remember..?! How long is this gonna take... I have know Cookie time! Yummy! Cheers, Tanuki Maxx