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Wednesday Sunrise

Cheers, T Maxx
Morning all! It's time to get the mommy do some posting before she heads off for class! So without further adieu, i bring you pics from my walks; Walk pics from two Sundays ago;  Look who decided to pop out and say hi  but it ran off.. Let's sit here for a bit and enjoy the scenery..  Mommy's favorite flower;  *  Can you see that fluff...some nerve!  and right in front of me!  Walks with Zackt at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday;  Wags from the doggies and yakking from the mommies  *  Hey Zackt, wait up will ya..  Keep up with the pace Maxx!  That's pretty much what we have to share today. Mom's gotta run and i've got my duties to attend to, Snooze time! See you tomorrow and enjoy your Tuesday! Cheers, T Maxx

Long time no blog!

Allo Allo All! Happy Monday!! It's been a looong while since our last entry..It's all thanks to the momster! There's been a change in her daily schedules so that explains it..:( Anyhowls, i wish i could do the posting on my own but my paws are too large apparently for the ridiculously small keyboard. Here's a little peek at what i've been doing throughout last week and during the weekend. Hope your Monday will be magnificent and cool! Well, this morning, i was not ready yet to have my breakfast but look who is..! What is wrong with this picture...  * Catching the morning sun at the beach;  *  Wonder if it'll be another scorching day.. Swans on Sunday; Hey Maxx, alone today? Join me for a swim?  Where's Zackt? Zackt's not here today, Well, see ya swans! gotta go!  Is it just me or has that husky put on weight...? Shhh...! He might hear us! Some of the sights we saw while we were at BG  Look at all