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Peaceful Sunday..not!

Aloo! How was your Sunday? I had mine all planned for a restful relaxing Sunday lounging around, however.. The dad came with the Furminator... Look at that..! Then Jr came. What's a sibe gotta do to get some privacy around here..:( Cheers, Maxx

Friday night post

Hello All! It's friday night here in Singapore, time check 8.45pm. We're doing an early Saturday post, as the momster's always busy these days and seems to be disappearing all the time..! (too much!) Anyways, we hope you have a wonderful restful weekend. Caught the morning sun, at the beach! We ran into this fella, at the beach. We call him Brown. His pack isnt with him today..usually there's about 4 of them together. Pawdicure treatment at the pier A walk at the beach with Zackt and the sausage duos (Yoda and Maya) Saw our golden friend, and sitting with the swans at Botanical Gardens That's pretty much how my week's been, how was yours? P.s - something's wrong with o

Wednesday shots and such..

Happy Wednesday to all! We're soo behind on posting and visiting..:( but we'll try to catch up!! Meanwhile here are some pics for all of you on this wonderful Wednesday! Morning at the beach Look at that! Do i dare to go to the edge there.. Hmm... Think i'll stay around here.. Woo..check it out, outdoor yoga by the seaside! Mommy brought back a mystery guest on Monday night.. I'm not a big fan of it..weird looking round thing! :( Get away from me...! Cheers, Maxx

Saturday With Zackt

Allo Allo! Long time no blog!! Hope all of you are fine and in the best of health!! Today is gonna be a super Saturday. Zackt will be spending the day with us!! :)) Our morning started with a walk by the bay then to the beach since mommy wanted to get a cuppa. We were planning to go to the gardens but there was a change in plans, the dadster had to rush off to the office later on.... Anyhowls, our walk was pawfect! * * * Taking a break Move a bit Maxx..i wanna sit too! Okay boys! come and get it! Enjoying our breakfast together Getting his share of BATH! What is wrong with this picture? Look at that red head..I'm de-throned!! time for some fun! * * You talking bout moi..? We're gonna nap now but hope that your Saturday will be Superb too!! * Final position; Cheers Maxx & Zackt

New Week!

Allo Fur-iends and humans! Hope your weekend's been very relaxing and fun. Mine sure was! It all started with me taking care of dad on Friday. He's been down with the flu but getting better! :) This is hard work... Followed by a nice walk at Botanical Gardens on Saturday and later breakfast with Zackt. Too bad we didn't get to walk together, some human (Zackt's mommy) overslept.. Saturday shots at Cafe Verde (Botanical Gardens) * * What's that i smell.. Saturday evening there was a carnival at the beach! * After all that fun at the beach, spent some cuddle time with Junior at home. We managed to get a shot of the full moon later on Sunday morning sky; Sunday evening; Ran into Flo and Trevor, at Tg Rhu. Monday morning at Bedok Jetty; * From the looks of it, i think rain's comin...! Well, can't let that stop me from my Monday duties; Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Cheers, Maxx