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Walk with me

Happy Wednesday! Cheers, Maxx

Surprise Visitor

Morning All! Maxx here, please excuse the snooze pic, couldnt get much sleep these past nights..not due to any problems but some excitement! When me and fam took a walk on Sunday evening, little did we expect that we'd be meeting  this fella; Meet, hmm..we dont know what to call him but Mom suggested, Lucky since we got him in time as he was crossing the road and almost got hit by a huge cement lorry!  We brought him to the vet yesterday to get him checked, turned out he doesn't have a microchip. The vet estimated that he's about 8-9weeks old. He was given his first vaccination, some flea and tick treatment and prevention and other necessary things a pup needs. Mom's taking him to one of the shelters, tomorrow with hope that a good, loving family will take him in! He's so adorable and cute we're positive he's gonna steal some hearts!! We'll keep our fingers, tails, paws, whatever it takes, crossed for him!! :)) Lucky, on the day he

Mail on Sunday

Soo happy today! Received a Christmas card from my golden friends, Gonta and Sakura in Japan! Okay i'll wink a little this time! Happy Sunday! Cheers, Maxx

Weekend Story

Allo Allo! Sweet Saturday is upon us again! So many pics to share with all, where do i begin...? We'll start with this pic; Ruby on her car ride Me at the Gardens on Friday  This morning at the Botanical Gardens, look what we saw.. Elephant Parade 2011 Singapore is here!! These are just two of the, 160 life-sized fibreglass baby elephants, painted and decorated by International artists and celebrities, which are on display at the Gardens. The remaining are on display in other parts of the island. Why so green..? This one's called Nipon Kaewkumdee  (Blessing) This is Tanom KonChang (it has a print of Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim) Me trying to strike up a conversation.. Let's go see the swans mom! but look what we saw before that! the nerve of that fluff!  This is banana flower It's edible and used in  cooking Malay dishes This again... feeding time we go through this

Friday Flowers

Allo All! Friday is upon us again! It rained mostly yesterday evening and early this morning. We were caught in the heavy downpour during our evening walk yesterday..:( Nevertheless, our morning a few days back,  walk was a beautiful one! Here's some of my walking pics, me was checking out some local plants by the bay;  Check this one out, Maxx..  I'm telling you mommy, i dont smell anything..  Let's go this way gotta find a place to rest nice spot  halt! woo goes there..?!  I tell you mom, there's something in the tree  time to continue our walk Here's wishing your day will be a fun and fabulous one! Happy Friday! Cheers, Maxx