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Tranquil Tuesday

Ah... a new day has come..! :) This was on Monday evening's walk the skies are not looking so friendly as we made our way home mom is trying to make me walk faster to avoid getting drenched, should it pour.. thankfully, it didnt and we stopped for a short break, sat and watched the sun set Shall resume to my duties now, mom's heading out to run some errands Gotta keep the fort intact till she returns! Enjoy your Tuesday! Cheers,  Maxx

Healing with flowers and a little floof

This weekend's been a very restful and healing one. We went to the Gardens to look at flowers and even stopped to smell and appreciate em. I didnt want to miss out on that action too!  a little flower decor on the harness Zackt told us about this butterfly flower, we just had to see it! At the Healing Garden;  Unfortunately doggies arent allowed inside the Healing Garden (I say us pups are the BEST healers!!) Thus me and the dad-ster had to wait outside while mommy took a quick tour inside Some of the description on Herbal Plants which are available in the garden; Herbal plants are commonly used to soothe throat infection, relief for headaches, ease nasal congetion etc. Iris Domestica traditionally used to treat malaria, arrow poisoning, gonorrhea, asthma and chest and liver complaints the best healing plant :)) Then we headed to the pond to check out the swans and ducks as well as the greens 

Serenity and Solitude on Saturday

Allo All! Happy Saturday! Heavens!  I need a clip and a buff! :)) We saw this the other day after the rain, just a reminder for mommy that there's always a rainbow after the rain. :-) P.s- Mommy wishes to thank all for your wonderful words! She feels truly blessed to be part of this beautiful circle of friends and furs! Let's hope she's in the baking mood, to be baking some doggy treats for me! Woof!!  Cheers, Maxx

Being a good Sibe

Allo All! The weather's been very fickle lately over here. It starts with clear skies, followed by sudden showers and thunder..:( then it starts to get fair again and when you thought it's safe to go out, it pours on you! That's what happened to me and mommy the other day. We had to take shelter at the bus stop for a bit before continuing our walk. Speaking of the weather, mom's been feeling a little under the weather too lately.She's not sick or anything, she's just missing some of her friends who have moved somewhere far away and some who have left and crossed the human rainbow bridge. Plus she's been wanting to take a short break but was unable to due to some schedule change and bad timing.. I did my best to lift her spirits and keep her in cheery moods and took her to places! :)) Brought her to the beach to catch the morning skies sat with her at her favorite spot even posed nicely for her flashy box  we watched the morning sun gree