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My Friday

Heartland Dressing Project Competition, happening at the beach, displaying some of the artworks. This project aims to promote national pride among students by engaging Singaporeans through artwork in public places. This display is called "The Beauty" (i'm sniffing the artwork of our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim) Classical birthday cake Onward Forward Togetherness, A nation's Spirit Did some work out of my own at home later on; Stretch and stretch Cheers, T Maxx

Conversation and chilling by the sea

Look what we saw on our walk at the beach; It seems that there's a Regatta going on. * * Searching for crabs.. Catching the sea breeze and enjoying the view Ah..some breeze at last..! Snap away, you flashy thing Hmmm..i could do this all day Hi mom, come join me! * The weather's been pretty unpredictable these past days. The day started with heavy rain on Wednesday morning then it got piping hot after about half past ten in the morning and continued throughout the day. It suddenly became cloudy again around 5plus in the evening. Wish the weather'd make up it's mind..:( Hope you have a beautiful Thursday! Cheers, T Maxx

Wordless and Tranquil Wednesday

We're soo ready to start the day now! Cheers, T Maxx

Weekend Post

Allo All! Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend's been fantabulous, not counting the hot hot weather of course! It's been pretty hot here and i'm at my wits end trying to find ways to cool myself down..Mommy says we cant always go out for ice cream or frozen yoghurt..! :( Despite all that, my weekend's been FUN! Went to the Gardens on Satuday and met up with Zackt! I see it too Maxx, let's go have a closer look.. * * Went home and got my bath! Exfoliating mania.. By the way i wasnt the only Sibe to go through ordeal on Saturday, Zackt got his too..! After all that de-fluff !! And for me, after all that exfoliating and scrubbing.. Suddenly feel soo comfy.. We spent Sunday morning at the Gardens again, this time to the area near the Evolution Garden. (unfortunately doggies are not allowed in there) Hmm.. breakfast..! What's this i smell.. So close and yet soo unreachable.. Maybe if i used this, i might be able to get near them swans.. Enjoy your Sunday! Cheers, T Maxx

YoGuru Friday

Sorry for the late posting but the secretary's been bit occupied today with things... Anyhowls, we went out for frozen yoghurt today after our nice long (not to mention, hot..) evening walk! Shall we go get something cool to quench our thirst.. What? are we really going for frozen yoghurt? Yum! Bon Appetit! Ok dad, keep it coming. :) Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hope all of woo will have a great weekend too! Cheers, Maxx

Tranquil Thursday

Happy Thursday All! Such a breezy morning today during our walk! * * * Can we ride on one of those things mom? As usual we spend Thursdsays finding tranquility and we found it.. Its inside all of us! :)) We hope you find yours too N Enjoy your day!! Cheers, T Maxx