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Last Fri of 2011

Allo All! Sorry for being away for so long on the blog front, mom's been pretty tied up with things (she says..) We do hope that all of you are in the best of health! :) Can woo believe it? In a couple of days it's gonna be a new year! I'll be 8, come next year according to mommy! :( It's gonna be a long weekend here, we'll be expecting friends on Saturday night. I see loads of food about to be prepared, house is cleaned and decorated with funny stuffs which mom will blog about more on our next post. The Christmas tree is back in the storage, my nap pillow's in the washer as we're blogging. Dad's been busy too, fixing things around the house etc.  Now then, on to the updates; On Christmas day, i had a nice long walk with Zackt  and later joined by Yoda and Maya and their hoomans! The mommies tried to get all pose for a group photo..  which took a bit of time... as you can see... oh forget it! but finally!! :)) Here i was, at the beach on my morning

T'was the night b4 Krismas..

It's starting already.. She got me posing for the tree again and a close up... Now that my duties are done, finally i can snooze! Merry Xmas to all and Happy Holidays!! Good Cheers and Love, Maxx and family

Weekend Reflections

Today our post is dedicated to all fur-iends who have left us. We'd also like to share a piece of wonderful joyous news.  Lucky , the pup who stayed with us for a bit, has finally found her forever home! She's been adopted! :) With all the sad news we've been reading about recently, this piece of news helped put a smile on our faces. Hopefully it would put a smile on your faces too..:) Now for some morning pics and quotes; “To live in this single moment, this lightest breath, this softest touch, to be captured by this smallest, this briefest space of time, to be fully present, alive, consumed in this instant alone, this is truly living.”--Jill Pendley Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes a day, reflect on what you have and appreciate it! - Author Unknown The weekend's almost over..but we're ready to start a new week!  Have a good one! Cheers and luv, Maxx and mommy

Sharing on Tuesday

Allo All! Since it's the Season to be jolly, we'd like to share some Christmas light up pics with all of woo!  Too bad I couldnt be there to witness it..:(  That big Christmas tree looks very leave a mark!!! :)) P.s - one of my favorite hooman is visiting from Japan! We might not be able to blog as much as we'd like to but we promise to try and to visit all of woo!! Cheers and Happy Tuesday! Maxx

Superb Sunday

Happy Sunday to all! Bit late on the posting but it's been crazy around the house. We're having some company over next week and with all the spring cleaning, holiday gathering etc. mom's been bit occupied and hardly have time for her blog duties...:( We'll do our best to visit and comment much as we can and we soo miss all of woo! So, for today, here goes! Ruby's mom sent us a pic of her time at the beach! as well as a pic of the special memorial service on Saturday at K9 Kulture,  for all fur buddies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge; On Friday we were at the bay and saw some boats Are we going on board? On Saturday morning we went to the beach  and left pawprints in the sand Hey mom, where's your foot prints..? Are you floating..:?! We saw this at the beach, it looks like they're doing some sort of sun saluting! Anyways, afterwards we went home and i got my teeth brushed! Check em out! Saturday evening we were at the Bay Gardens again and we saw