Happy Friday!
Since i was left home alone most of yesterday, mom didnt get me any treats..can woo believe it!? she forgot! :(
She took me to the Botanical Gardens this morning instead and we went squirrel hunting
as well as learning about the National Flower of Singapore,
the Vanda Miss Joaquim
Yes mommy i see it, i'm getting a whiplash from all this..

Though we didnt to catch any squirrels, I overheard mommy saying something to the dad-ster about making mini hamburgers for the "furry one".
Wonder who she meant..

To end today's post, we'd like to share some shots from our evening walks at the beach these past few days, ENJOY!
Evening sky
The cluster of buildings, that's Shenton Way, Singapore's central business district.

P.s - will let you know about the mini hamburgers on tomorrow's post!
Have a great weekend!

Tanuki Maxx


Unknown said…
No treats for being left alone at home? You got to talk to your mom seriously this time. Well, squirrel hunting sounds better and at least she did let you have some fun the next day.
those pictures are amazing and I like the one with two monks the most.
Have a great weekend!
No treats and she still came home!!! Your national flower is beautiful. We never saw that before
Benny & Lily
What GREAT pikhs!

Thanks fur sharing them and the info too!

KB said…
Squirrel hunting! Very cool. I wonder it you'll be having squirrel burgers?

Love the beach photos. So beautiful!

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