Serene Monday Morning

Good Morning all and it's another great start to a brand new week!
We were at the beach this morning, way earlier than usual.

We're glad we went early cause we wouldnt want to miss this;
What say we go grab a cuppa now mom?

And this shot was taken during my Starbucks Sunday with me buddy Zackt!
We're hoping someone would drop a bagel or muffin or something...

Have a great Monday!

Tanuki Maxx


FiveSibesMom said…
Such beautiful photos! We are in a very cold snap here - will be -8 degrees F here tonight! seeing you and your beautiful Sibes against that gorgeous beachy background warms my heart!
What a beautiful morning!!! We are early risers here too, but we never get photos as breathtaking as those. Hope you and Zackt got some droppings of bagel or muffin.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Mom says another reason she's happy about working again is that she's up to see the morning sky again!

Thanks fur sharing your great pikhs!

Unknown said…
I always admire you and your mom that you all can get up so early in the morning and catch the beautiful morning scenes!
Beautiful photos!!!
Sagira said…
You are so lucky to get to go to the beach all the time. So pretty. :)

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