Trees and treats

Look what we saw during our walk to the beach yesterday.
A strong wind must have blown it down..
It's been very windy and we've been getting lots of rain lately.

Me checking out the site;

As promised, mommy made the mini hamburgers for dinner last night.
She added in mashed boiled carrots and a little mozzarella cheese ;)
I just had to smile and show some teeth..
Waiting patiently while she prepares em
Let's have a sniff..
and a bite!

Tanuki Maxx


Unknown said…
Your mummy is the best one in the whole wide world. I'd like to swipe mummy now...
Mom and I would like one or two fur breakfast please!

Happy Saturday AND Sunday to all!

the_Dogfather said…
Hey, i thought we were supposed to go thru thick and thin together?? Hurhur....
Stella said…
Hey, Tanuki Maxx! Was it your birthday that caused you to get thos nummy meatballs for your supper? They look wonderful!

Kisses, Stella
Sagira said…
That must have been some super strong wind. WOW!

Those mini burgers look YUMMY and so cute.

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