Tuesday Hello!

Allo All!
It's been a while since our last posting. It's been quite busy around the house and mom doesnt really have much access to the computer by the time she's done with her chores and stuffs. We wont be able to post as much for the time being but we'll be visiting all of your blogs as much as we can and keep in touch! Anyhowls, we hope that all of woo are fine and in the best of health.
My paw is healing pretty well and i'm not limping no more! I guess that's a piece of good news! The not so good news is i have been put on a diet. My portions of snacks and treats have been cut down! :( I hard get to eat cheese much anymore...! bummer! Mom says its for me own good, since we have to be back at the VET next month. I tried putting on the "pity look" but it didnt work. Any ideas on how to get me hoomans to lighten up and smuggle me some extras treats after my meal?

Today we'll be sharing with you pics of me and other friends, whom i usually see during my walks at the Gardens and one unexpected guest we met at the beach. Have a great Tuesday!!

Our walk at the beach;
Posing with the seahorses
Man to man walk with the dadster
Look what we saw while we were there..
Evening sunset at Tanjong Rhu;
Confrontation at Botanical Gardens;
You're back i see!
Havent you learned anything..?
Want a peck on your snooter..?!
Try me!
Told that swan off!
Hehehe! That was FUN!

Cheap thrill Maxx, meow!

Well, mom's off to do errands so i'll be doing a workout of mine own till she gets back.
It's hard work, mind you!
T Maxx


The evening sunset pikh was inkhredible!

...and the nerve of that bird!

Hey Maxx! I'm really glad your paw is better. Those pictures are great, as usual. Your walks always take you to lovely places!

Oh Maxx what an adventure! What did that big bird say to you? And monkeys! Cool
Benny & Lily
Unknown said…
Tanjung Rhu is a beautiful place! We love your beach pictures and the monkey looks cute. His coat colour is much darker than those who live nearby us.
Stella said…
Hey Tanuki Maxx!

Some wonderful pictures here, Maxx, but I wonder about big bird. You got to be careful because they can be very mean guys if they want to.

So what is this diet you are on. A no cheese diet? Thats bad, I love cheeses.


So good to hear that your paw is better, Maxx. Too bad about the treats, but Moms always seem to know best. Good for you putting that big nasty bird in his place.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Hey Maxx! Glad your paw is getting lots better!
You have the coolest walks! I'd love to meet your swan friend; I've only seen them on TV!
If your mom's not caving in after your "pity look", I don't know what to tell you. In fact, my diet is so restricted that I'd love to know the answer to getting more treats, too! I mean, I love stinky goodness treats, but Dave gets regular cookies and I don't -- that just doesn't seem fair!
Play bows,
Sagira said…
Great photos. I can't get over how beautiful it looks there. Better watch your nose with that swan. Ouchies! :)
the_Dogfather said…
Wohoo! Good job with the swan, try that on the cat next time heheh! My mommy is stingy with her treats too so we are in the same boat, sigh!

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