Tuesday Trouble

I must've have twisted my right paw or something..i've been limping a little since yesterday..:(
It's not so bad, i still manage to walk though not as fast. Mom's getting all worried and wondered if she should take me to see the V..T!
The dad-ster even suggested that perhaps i was overweight..!! and that i should be on a Diet!! :(
Here i am off to take a nap
Eh..what's that?
Did i forget something..?
Oh yeah..Keep them crossed! :)

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

T Maxx


I'm doing that furry same thing now!

Khrossing and resting -

Akhtually, I resting up so we khan go to bed soon!

I hope woo aren't limping too much - I'll khross fur woo!

Poor baby. Hope it feels better. Request a massage from mom
Benny & Lily
Great crossing, Maxx. We hope your paw is OK. Maybe you have something stuck between your pads? And NO, no diet needed.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Deborah said…
Hope your feeling better soon. Every now and then Buffy has a limp and I take her to the vet too!
PS Rest up!

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