Wonderful Walks

Good morning all and happy Monday!
Firstly, thank you for all the well wishes we received. Today we'll be sharing our wonderful walk pics with you. Mommy says that we're very thankful and grateful for living in a safe place where there's beautiful places avail to take our daily walks at.

This was taken on Saturday, at the Botanical Gardens, while we're waiting for Zackt and his mommy.
Hello there!
Remember me..you tried to peck me a couple times before..
Of course you remember me, there you go again..!

Learning a thing or two about some plant species, though i've got my
sight on something else in the bushes ahead..

Taking a break

We were at Marina South on Sunday, since it rained while we were at the beach.
The area's still undergoing lots of construction works thus not a good place for walks and exploring but we managed to snag a couple of pics and i got to mark a tree or two..:)
An old ferry boat
Me and the momster
Posing in front of the Marina South Pier

It is used a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands, like Kusu and St. John's island. The ferries operate daily.

Still raining, Sunday morning, when we made our way back home

Today the sky seems clear and hopefully will stay so. Mommy's heading out for her usual Monday errands. I shall hold the fort till she comes back! Have a magnificent Monday!

P.s - We just heard that another tsunami will be hitting Japan again soon, we'll keep sending our prayers!!

T Maxx


Fur sure on the WWs!

Paws still khrossed fur all those in harm's way -

kissa-bull said…
that ducky dude looks quite shy
gweat pics as usual and our paws have been crossed since the night of the quake

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack
Andrea said…
Woofs and wags,
Deborah said…
YEAH, I have been thinking and praying for you. I am very glad to read your post knowing that you are fine and in a safe place.
We will keep our paws crossed too that all your friends and family are safe and stays safe.
Our prayers are with you.
PS Nice walk!!!!
We are very glad to know that you are safe. We think that new tsunami threat has passed. Just so very sad to hear the news - way too much for any country to have to endure.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful walk.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Oh Maxx we always love your pictures and seeing your beautiful area. Cool riverboat. What did you say to ducky?
Benny & Lily
Beautiful walk, but too bad about the rain.

We are keeping all paws, fingers and hooves crossed that there are no more bad quakes or tsunamis.

Sagira said…
What beautiful walk pictures. :)

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