Good Friday

Today we had a good morning walk with buddy Zackt by the bay! :)
We have'nt seen each other for a bit since our walk times and venues on the weekdays are different. So excited to see my furry red haired comrade but as usual, he played cool and totally ignored me at first. As soon as markings were done and toilet duties were fulfilled, we had a great walk and conversation (in Sibe language of course).
The sun greeted us
While the momsters were busy yakking.. we did a little snooting of our own
How long do we have to pose here..?
Shh...Maxx, dont talk or move, let's just get it over with..!

Soon as we got back in the car,
ahh..the cool air condition! How comfy!

I was expecting a cuppa from Starbucks but
mommy got me Ginger Tea instead..! Yikes..!!

We were hoping our golden gal pal, Muffin could join us but her hoomans woke up late...
Her mommy did sent us a pic of their walk, to share with all!
Ms Muffin and her momster

Hope you have a luvly long weekend!

T Maxx


Unknown said…
How nice you could meet up with Zackt again. I love how in Singapore, there are so many pretty places to walk your dogs!!
24 Paws of Love said…
Ginger tea?? You poor baby! But so glad you got to hook up with your buddy Zackt. You two look like quite a pair. Looks like you had a wonderful walk. Have a great weekend!
I'm always sooooo furry jealous of the furiends woo get to enkhounter!

Thanks fur sharing!

What a nice way to start out your day. A beautiful walk, friends...and... posing!!
Benny & Lily
That's so cool that you got to meet up with Zackt! You two walk in the COOLEST places!
What's going on over at those little tents? Is that a market?
Play bows,
Wish we could meet up with you and Zackt on a fun walk! So did Zackt tell you about the horrible thing that happened to his mom's new table cloth? BOL:)

Great pic of the Duo.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
FiveSibesMom said…
What a fun walk! You have some great architecture there to see too! Ginger tea...hmmmm...we may have to try that! Thanks for sharing your walk with us!
Stella said…
Lucky pups in Singapore with such beauty to live with!

Sagira said…
You and Zackt have great times together. :)

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