Monday with mommy

Spent some play time with mommy today before she headed out for her usual Monday routine;
Trying to get her to notice me
Let's have a little dance
Boy..somefur's getting heavier..!
What's that mommy?
That was fun!
Now for some zzzz ing till mom comes back

T Maxx


Dancing With the Stars, featuring Maxx
Benny & Lily
We loved seeing you dancing with your Mommy, Maxx!

Unknown said…
Aww both of you look so sweet together!

Heavier? NAWH! I think it's the fur!
Stella said…
Hey Tanuki Maxx:

Those are cute pix of you and your Mom dancing. I like to dance with my Mom, too.

Stella, whose furs are still heavy from winter!
Sagira said…
Your mom sure looks like fun Maxx. :)
Were you and Mom working on some dance moves - bet you two could put a great routine together.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
I'll have to try that in the morning -

Mom's work week khommences again!

Of khourse, I'll khurl on my chair and wait fur her!


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