Saturday Post and Pics

Good Morning and Happy Saturday to all!

This morning we took our walk by the Bay near the Singapore Flyer. We were there earlier than usual, some hooman got up early and wasnt able to go back to sleep!

It was very cool and during that time of the morning there were less crowd and traffic for that matter.
A quick pose with the momster

Dad managed to snag a pic of this Heliconia plant

This was taken at the garden below our place.
Not sure what we were both looking at..but check out the blooms! :)

Friday at the Gardens;

This was taken a couple of days back, on our way to the beach.
Do i have to follow the swirl patterns on the pathway
or do i just walk straight..?! :(

It started to rain just after we reached home but now the sun is out!
Here's wishing all of woo a Super Saturday!

T Maxx


24 Paws of Love said…
What a cool place you live in! Those buildings are awesome!! Hope you enjoyed your walk Maxx taking in all the sights!
the_Dogfather said…
Sigh we wanted to join you in the morning but some human cannot get her butt off the bed.....;(
Unknown said…
It's truly a beautiful place and how I wish I could live in your country too. My humans just made a vow that they have to visit Singapore again soon but they also told me that I can't go with them. Well, what's the point of them going there without me?? Sigh!!!
Thanks fur sharing those furry khool shots from your Saturday!

Mine started with sitting out in my yard watching things -

I'm not really sure what I was watching but it was a nice start to my day nonetheless!

Mom likes to get up early too, but we just wish we could get her out walking then too. Maybe we would be luckier if we had beautiful scenery like you do there. All the photos are beautiful but we really love that second one of you on the bench.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
D.K. Wall said…
Follow the swirl patterns. It is fun watching the human try and keep up.
You go on the COOLEST walks! I like that curved path thing - is that like following the Yellow Brick Road? Maybe if you follow it, you'll end up here in Kansas!
That tree with the flowers is really cool! Mom would like to know what kind it is!
Play bows,
FiveSibesMom said…
Great photos! What amazing architecture...such beautiful backdrop. Like that pic of you and the Hu-Mom!
snowie said…
love the place u live in! so nice!!

btw! mommy lost all her contacts will u pls pass the msg to yr mommy to msg her when shes free? thank u!!



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