Sunday Story

Good morning and Happy Easter Sunday to all!

This morning we were at the beach and got to meet Zackt again! Too bad we didn't manage to snag any walk pics but we had a great time. The sun's really beaming today..(panting..!)

Today i decided to help mommy with her grocery list;
okay..this is what we need, carrots,
celery, tomatoes..

Next is fruits, we'll need apples, blueberries, etc., dont forget the cheese, beef, doggy biskits etc.

veggies and fruits are good for health, Maxx!
How does veggie sticks sound for lunch?

Veggie sticks..?! fruits..?!
what am i? a herbivore..?

I'll think about it...:(

T Maxx


What a great list!!!

Hoppy Sunday!

the_Dogfather said…
yikes!! We are no cow! Go on STRIKE!!!
FiveSibesMom said…
If you give Mom those beautiful "I'm so sad without MY treats" eyes long enough, I bet she will give in and get you everything on your list! Who could resist your charms?! ;-)
Happy Easter!!!
D.K. Wall said…
Always good to help with the grocery list. Terrific pictures.
We like carrots and blueberries but we will take the biscuits and bones any day.

Great job helping Mom, Maxx.

Easter Blessings to all.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Pee Ess, TD's breeder named him Max in line with Mad Max of Mel Gibson fame, and Dad said he wanted something different. So Mom went with Mad Max from THUNDERdome:)
Sagira said…
You're such a great helper making a list like that Maxx. :)
Mom thinks you look just adorable helping your mom, Maxx. I'll take the fruits and veggies... but I like your idea better about CHEESE and BEEF!!!
It sounds like a tasty list ....FOR MOM....
Benny & Lily
Deborah said…
What a great helper!!
Have a nice week :)
Stella said…
Hi Tanuki Maxx!

A little cheese grated over your kibble gives it a good stinky smell and won't hurt you at all. Its good to get used to the Veggies, though!


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