Tuesday pillow

Allo All and Happy Tuesday!

Mom's gotta rush off to her class but not before posting this!
Looks like today's gonna be another scorching day...:(
However, we had a nice long cool walk this morning at the beach and got home just before the
weather gets hot.

Morning @ the beach and time to watch the waves

Check out this Zabuton (japanese cushion for sitting) mom got me last week!
I even like the patterns and its in my fav color, BLUE!!

Trying to get comfy with it, it's too thin to be a bolster..

Ah..nice cushion for my nose..!

Yes, ill stay comfy here till mommy comes back from her class :)

T Maxx


How khomfy!

As fur your weather, I thought evFURRYday was like that where woo are!

PeeEssWoo: Blue is so a kholour fur woo - at least that is what Mom says!
Best to walk before the sun rises. Cool pillow
Benny & Lily
Terrorzinhos said…
You look sooo sweet, with that pillow!

We love the picture at the beach. It's beautiful!
Unknown said…
That looks like the most comfy pillow in the world, and it's beautiful too!
You look quite comfy there, Maxx. How nice to have a pillow for your snooter. We usually hang our snooters off our bed. We are going to have to see if we can find a pillow now for our snooters too.

Happy snoozing.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Oh, that's a comfy-looking cushion, Maxx! You're one lucky guy!

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