Friday post (or is it still Thursday..)

Allo! Happy Friday to all!

(it's actually still Thursday night, 9.20pm to be exact)

Sorry we were a little behind posting. :(
Anyways things have settled down a bit and the momster's finally got a bit of time to do a post!
She has an early day tomorrow thus explains the "early Friday post".

Wednesday morning at the Gardens;
Looking for squirrels

Checking out the local plants and

shrub species

Cooling down at the mini waterfall

And of course, it wouldnt be complete without a quick hi to our feathered friend.

He's playing hard to get..

On Thursday;
Me and mommy at our favourite spot

Guess who we saw! CLUCK CLUCK!
All three of them were there!!

Well that's pretty much what i've been doing these past days. Mommy's been busy and out mostly during the day till lunchtime. I was a good Sibe and did my duty guarding the fort, it's tough i tell woo! I heard the dadster telling mommy that we might be having friends visiting and staying with us for a couple of days sometime next week. Mom's been preparing the guest bedroom and moving a couple of things she's been using the "vacuum thing" often these past couple of days..!

Hmm...Visitors..? Wonder if i'll get extra tummy rubs and attention..? :))
Do i have to snarl and make sure they pay the toll (in treats) before letting them in the guest room..?
We'll see!!

Hope your Friday is a fantastic one and looking forward to a great weekend!

T Maxx


We love exploring those gardens with you! And look at all those Cluck CluckS!!!!! How exciting!
I hope you get lots of tummy rubs from your visitors!
Play bows,
Unknown said…
It's Friday here : )
Your pictures with your mom are gorgeous! Always love your walkie pictures as those places are always beautiful and still beautiful.
Visitors are always fun - that usually means more ear scritchies, treats, and tummy rubs. Our Mom says she wishes your Mom would come here and do whatever she does to make your furs always looks so beautiful.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Oh how I understand behind!

I'm khurrently looking at almost 400 posts AND two Golden Retrievers to watch!

What to do
What to do


Great pikhs Handsome!

Khyra and The Khampers
FiveSibesMom said…
Lovely pic of you and your Mom; I can see why it's a favorite spot! Squirrel watching (hunting) is the best for a Sibe!!! Enjoy the extra attention from your visitors!
Sagira said…
Beautiful views as always Maxx. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

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