Happy Monday to all!

Hope your weekend's been fantastic! Mine sure was!
I got to see Zackt and we went to the gardens on Saturday and Sentosa island on Sunday!
We were suppose to meet up with our "sausage furiends" Yoda and Maya on Sunday at Sentosa but they arrived late and by the time they're there, well the rain started to pour..! :(
However, the weather cleared up soon after and they managed to have a great time swimming with other sausage doggies! Pawsome!! During that time, i was getting my bath at home!

Friday @ the Gardens
Mommy's taking a pic of the sky

Is that thunder i hear..?

Look at the sky..!

Saturday @ Botanical Gardens
Flower gazing while waiting for Zackt


Sunday @ Sentosa Island
It was a cloudy morning

Look what we saw


Strolling along the beach

That was a nice walk!

It's gonna be a mommy-less Monday afternoon for me but i know she'll be back with treats for me!

T Maxx


Sure sounds like a fun day Maxx. Lucky you got to go swimming with the hot dogs
Benny & Lily
Unknown said…
Sentosa Island is so beautiful! So glad that you had a fantastic weekend with friends!

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