Sibes Saturday!

Good evening! It's Saturday evening, almost 11pm to be exact, in Singapore.
Mommy couldnt do any posting during the day..:(
Anyways, here's how my Saturday went!

It started with a morning walk at the Gardens with my best fur-iend!

Did some synchronize glancing at some birds

In the evening, Zackt came over to our place!

Here we were, waiting for our meal to be cooled down by the dad-ster! :)
Pssst.. what's taking your dad so long Maxx..?

He's making sure the food's all nice and cool enough

and finally..

chow down time!!


I'm still a little hungry Maxx..
Yeah me too Zackt, let's head to the kitchen , i know where she keeps the grubs!

Okay Maxx, lead on!

JACKPOT! We found it!

Er..Maxx, i think she sees us..

Yikes! Busted....:(

Now you've got us confined to the sofa..!
Told ya not to make any sounds..

Overall, we had a pawsome time!!
Come back soon buddy!!

Hope your Saturday's been super too!!

T Maxx


Terrorzinhos said…
You had a great saturday!
Here is tea time!( 5 p.m.)

We wish you a great rest of weekend!
TimberLove said…
Harroo mates!! What a fine time you & Zacht have together! It's Saturday morning her in Wyoming:)~
Hope ya'll have a beautiful Sunday. Play bows,

Donna said…
I like snacks. :)
Nothing like fun times with friends, even if you get busted!!!

Stella said…
Hi Tanuki Maxx!

You and Zacht always have a good time together, even if you get in a little trouble!

FiveSibesMom said…
That sounds like a really fun Saturday spent with a good friend! Your dinner looked yummy, the couch comfy, but sorry you got caught with your paw in the treat drawer! BOL! Better luck next time!
Unknown said…
We've the same time zone so while your post was out, I was already asleep : )
It seemed you had a fantastic Saturday with your mom and dad and friends too. The meal looks really good as well, how lucky you're!
Hey, can we come for dinner - those bowls looked so tasty, we don't get anything yummy-looking like that!

Sorry you didn't get the treats, but timeout on the couch isn't too bad either:)

Happy Sunday.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Do woo have enough fur me to bring Merdie and Harley?

They are sleeping ovFUR with me!

What a great day woo had!

It must be SO khool to get to see the furry handsome Zackt!

Khyra and The Golden Khousins
you look like you had a nice warm meal after a beautiful walk
Benny & Lily
Sagira said…
Looks like you guys had a great day. :)
You and Zackt always have such cool times together!!!
Play bows,

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