Kisses, Cuddles and fishes

Allo Allo! Mom was suppose to do a posting for Thursday but the computer had ideas and plans of it's own..:(
Thankfully, today it agrees with us!
It was a wet morning on Thursday..the heavy rain continued till mid afternoon.

But in the evening, we were at the beach and it was a cool and beautiful walk.

With slight drizzle

While at the beach this week, we stopped at the pier
and watch some hoomans fishing

Allo! what's this..

something smells fishy..

Mom's extra loving today..she gave me lots of cuddles and hugs
There she goes again..

Ok, i'll be a good sport!

hmm..that's enough mommy..!

Here's hoping your weekend will be wonderful!!

T Maxx


Despite the rain it looks like one great day. And it even ends with hugs
Benny & Lily
24 Paws of Love said…
Isn't anything better than a bunch of loving from your Mom. Isn't it great to be loved?
Sagira said…
Looks like another great adventure. I think your mom loves you. :)
AWww, we can see how much your Mom loves you! Hope you have a great weekend, Maxx.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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