Allo! Happy Monday!
It was raining when we started blogging today's post.

What a week it's been! I spent Saturday waiting for the dadster to return from his Japan trip;
Worth the wait, he came back with my favorite pigeon cookies!

A little close up shot here , taken from the dad-ster's phone;

Hey...too close!

Went to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday

Got home and
got de-furred

and de-furred..

Well, i'm gonna chill here till mom comes back from her class. The rain's stopped and looks like its gonna be another scorching day. Hope your Monday's gonna be merry and marvelous!

T Maxx


the cookies must be purrty good. Bet you are happee dads home
Benny & Lily
24 Paws of Love said…
I don't know what pigeon cookies are, but they sound great! Will you share?? :) Stay cool!
Oh Maxx! You got a whole large tin of Hatoya Sabure???? #1 is positively drooling!!!

You seem to be enjoying that defurring session! Attention is always good..

Sagira said…
Isn't life grand? Just sitting there as they take care of us? :)
Rut roh!

I'd better run tonight - I see defurring in my future!

Your dad is the coolest to bring you your favorite cookies!!!
Stay cool, buddy!
Hope you got to enjoy those pigeon cookies after all that de-furring. Have a great week, Maxx.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
TimberLove said…
Pigeon cookies???!!! Well it appears #1 has been holding out on us, we definitely need some pigeon cookies!

RA & Isis

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