Tranquil Thursday with a bit of rain..

Happy Thursday!
It was a cool morning which started with rain around 4plus. Our morning walk had to be slightly later than usual but it didnt matter, the walk was a cool breezy drizzly one! Wish the temperature could be this way throughout..:)) The heat these past days been almost thought of de-furring me..!! (YIKES)
Well, speaking of the momster, she's off for her class.
I'll be doing the usual till she comes back! it up will ya, its drizzling and i dont have my raincoat on!

Look at the skies..

I'm walking in the rain...

Wonder what my other furiends are doin..probably still snoozing..'s pajama pants...

Hope your Thursday will be a terrific one!!

T Maxx


I bet woo slept furry furry well!

we love your picture, adorable!
Benny & Lily
That's nice that your mom left her pajamas for you to cuddle with. I hope you have the real thing back soon!

Stella said…
I love your new header with your big smile, Tanuki Maxx!

You look like you had a very nice day after all.

Maxx... our mom just thinks you're way too cute!

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