Weekend Post

Allo All!
Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend's been fantabulous, not counting the hot hot weather of course! It's been pretty hot here and i'm at my wits end trying to find ways to cool myself down..Mommy says we cant always go out for ice cream or frozen yoghurt..! :(
Despite all that, my weekend's been FUN! Went to the Gardens on Satuday and met up with Zackt!

I see it too Maxx, let's go have a closer look..

Went home and got my bath!
Exfoliating mania..

By the way i wasnt the only Sibe to go through ordeal on Saturday,
Zackt got his too..!

After all that de-fluff

And for me, after all that exfoliating and scrubbing..
Suddenly feel soo comfy..

We spent Sunday morning at the Gardens again, this time to the area near the Evolution Garden. (unfortunately doggies are not allowed in there)
Hmm.. breakfast..!

What's this i smell..

So close and yet soo unreachable..

Maybe if i used this, i might be able to get near them swans..

Enjoy your Sunday!

T Maxx


Unknown said…
Didya enjoy your exfoliating shower?! Hehehe!!!
You look gorgeous and so fluffy!!
Maxx - you actually look like you were enjoying that shower:) Bet it does make you feel cooler. We have all been letting Mom do lots of brushing. Just when she thought we were all done with the big shedding in June, we all have started all over again. She wonders where all this fur comes from.

We still have very hot and humid weather too, but at least so far today the sun is behind the clouds - first clouds we have seen in weeks. It feels a tiny bit better, but we know the heat is coming back later today.

Very interesting art work for that tree.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara
Stella said…
Hey Tanuki Maxx!

My Mom is doing lots of brushing on me these days. She wants to go for the electric clippers but I have to fight her on that one.

All your senics and your pal Zackt are great to see. I love the tree art!

Well... wait a minute. You CAN'T always go out for ice cream or frozen yoghurt?!? What kind of crazy rule is that?!?!
At least you got to meet up with Zackt.
Play bows,
What do you mean you can't always get yogurt or ice cream!! Oh boy that sure is a good way to cool off, pull your hair out following the torture chamber
Benny & Lily
Sagira said…
Wow, looks like you had a busy day. The bath doesn't look like much fun though but bet you felt better after. :)

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