New Week!

Allo Fur-iends and humans! Hope your weekend's been very relaxing and fun. Mine sure was!

It all started with me taking care of dad on Friday.
He's been down with the flu but getting better! :)
This is hard work...

Followed by a nice walk at Botanical Gardens on Saturday and later breakfast with Zackt.
Too bad we didn't get to walk together, some human (Zackt's mommy) overslept..

Saturday shots at Cafe Verde (Botanical Gardens)
What's that i smell..

Saturday evening there was a carnival at the beach!

After all that fun at the beach, spent some cuddle time with Junior at home.

We managed to get a shot of the full moon later on

Sunday morning sky;

Sunday evening;
Ran into Flo and Trevor, at Tg Rhu.

Monday morning at Bedok Jetty;

From the looks of it, i think rain's comin...!

Well, can't let that stop me from my Monday duties;

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!



what cute pictures
Benny & Lily
We hope your Dad is feeling better - he looks like he is getting good care from you:) Beautiful photos - look at that gorgeous one of the sky. Always nice to see you and Zackt having fun together.

Hope your week is as nice or nicer as your weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
the_Dogfather said…
Gasp!! Did i see wrongly? Trevor sitting still?? LOL..
Tsk tsk....i heard about what you did today at the beach ;p

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