Saturday With Zackt

Allo Allo!

Long time no blog!! Hope all of you are fine and in the best of health!!
Today is gonna be a super Saturday. Zackt will be spending the day with us!! :))
Our morning started with a walk by the bay then to the beach since mommy wanted to get a cuppa. We were planning to go to the gardens but there was a change in plans, the dadster had to rush off to the office later on....

Anyhowls, our walk was pawfect!
Taking a break

Move a bit Maxx..i wanna sit too!

Okay boys! come and get it!

Enjoying our breakfast together

Getting his share of BATH!

What is wrong with this picture?

Look at that red head..I'm de-throned!!

time for some fun!

You talking bout moi..?

We're gonna nap now but hope that your Saturday will be Superb too!!

Final position;
Maxx & Zackt


Stella said…
Hey Tanuki Maxx!

Its always fun to see you and your pal Zackt together. You both know how to have a good time.

You bayside walk was just beautiful, as always, and we could get a little jealous of that special place!

the_Dogfather said…
Thanks for taking me in, bro!! I felt like i've just spent my day in a spa! LOL! And you know you are always welcome at my place anytime yah!
Two handsome furiends together for a whole day - can't get much better than that, Maxx. Have a wonderful time. We think you are very nice to let Zackt have the bed - we never get to go on the beds here.

If we ever get to come to your place, do you think we could skip the shower? BOL

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
D.K. Wall said…
Woo. - a sleepover. Nothing like having a pal to hang out with. And you were a great host giving him some of the prime spots.
Sagira said…
Looks like another great walk and you guys had such a fun time together. :)

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