Long time no blog!

Allo Allo All!
Happy Monday!!

It's been a looong while since our last entry..It's all thanks to the momster!
There's been a change in her daily schedules so that explains it..:(
Anyhowls, i wish i could do the posting on my own but my paws are too large apparently for the ridiculously small keyboard.
Here's a little peek at what i've been doing throughout last week and during the weekend.
Hope your Monday will be magnificent and cool!

Well, this morning, i was not ready yet to have my breakfast but look who is..!
What is wrong with this picture...
Catching the morning sun at the beach;
 Wonder if it'll be another scorching day..

Swans on Sunday;
Hey Maxx, alone today? Join me for a swim?
 Where's Zackt?
Zackt's not here today,
Well, see ya swans! gotta go!

 Is it just me or has that husky put on weight...?
Shhh...! He might hear us!

Some of the sights we saw while we were at BG
 Look at all that space! 
 What a great place to run!
Or just watch the sceneries..:)

Till our next posting,

P.s - we'll be sharing our walks with Zackt pics on our next post!

T Maxx


How nice to see both Handsome Maxx's again!

I so know the pain of not being to get the paws to work on the keys and stuffs without Mom's help!

I khan't wait to see the next post!

24 Paws of Love said…
So glad to see you again Maxx!! We've missed your walks and sun rises. Don't pay no attention to those pesky swans, they are no fun anyways. You look great!
Hey Maxx! Looks like a great walk! We've been "away" from the blog, too, but hope to make our come back tomorrow!
PS: I'd keep an eye on Maxx Jr. if I was you!!
Ms. ~K said…
We enjoyed our visit to your great doggie bloggie!
Happy LABradOR Day!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy
Hi there kiddo...you better talk to mom about her slacking
Benny & Lily
D.K. Wall said…
They really need to make a keyboard that is Sibe Paw Sized.
Sagira said…
Welcome back! Looks like some more great times. :)

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