Monday Report

Allo All and happy Monday!
Quick report and post before the momster heads out!

My new raincoat and booties finally arrived! Thanks to Zackt's mommy for helping us get it!
However..the momster made a tad (a HUGE, actually) mistake on the measurements..
but good news is she managed to alter it, to fit me paws almost perfectly. :)

Now on to them pics!
Here's one of me and the momster, she needs help with her forward bends and i'm more than happy to help her out!

 Stretching out with mom
Check out my new rain coat!

Without the head cover, this time

Wonder what Zackt is doing right now..

Wonder what Maxx's doing right now..

My oversized boots..The one on the left is the original size..
The one on the right is the altered one..
Mommy thinks she's got a bear instead of a husky...!
Gosh mom! they're like the size of your oven mitts!!

And before we leave, we'd of course like to share the Monday morning sun with all of you!



Stella said…
Hey Tanuki Maxx!

That is a very smart rain outfit you have and just a perfect color for you too!

You will be totally protected from the winter rains, feetsies and all!

Ahem, Maxx?????? Are you actually planing to wear the raincoat? I personally like the feel of rain in my furs.... And the Boots? Yes, they were a tad large to start with. Maybe they would have fitted Vidock!

You look pretty cool in your new duds, buddy! I like that first pic best, though. Nothing beats snuggling with your mom!!!
Snowie Baby said…
u sure look cute with yr raincoat on! coolest raincoat ever! woof woof!

love the pic u and yr mommy best! =)
Unknown said…
Your raincoat looks so cool! It rains a lot here too but my mom never thought of getting me a raincoat! Your mom is so sweet!
Hi Maxx, good to see you. We think your Mom and our Mom would get on well - they both seem to really like the color blue. You look very sharp in your raincoat.

Enjoy those snuggles with mom, hope she slips you a few treats too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Sagira said…
You are going to be in style with your new raincoat and matching boots my friend. :)

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