Pre Halloween Post

Allo All and Happy Sunday!
What a beautiful day it is! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, mom is baking doggy meatloaf to share with furiends, specially for Halloween!
Yummy!! Plus we were at the Botanical Gardens this morning and saw many fur-riends. Took a walk with Zackt and Greyson, saw Serve with family at the cafe, had breakfast there and went home and got washed, yet again..!! :(
But you know what? I FEEL GOOD!!


Walk with Zackt on Saturday;
Here he comes!!

and walk

Walk again on Sunday;

 Zackt, Greyson and me

Ah...back to my usual...
Wake me when the meatloaf's done mom! :))



Unknown said…
You had a lovely Sunday morning! We thought we might have some rain, storm and floods from Thailand but everything looks good at the moment. Hopefully, nothing serious comes!
What a great Sunday! I wish I could join you some day!

Terrorzinhos said…
You had a great sunday!!
Here is raining... =(((
It's almost Halloween... We can't wait for the treats! =))
What a fun day..doggy meatloaf!!
Benny & Lily
Maxx, your blog looks wonderfully spooky for Halloween!!! Very nicely done.

Wish we could be there with you having so much fun with your furry pals.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Have we met Grayson before? Or is he a new friend?
Your walk with Zackt looks like tons of fun!
Play bows,
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