Thursday Pics

Allo All!

Today we'll just let the pics do the blogging;

Look at you see what i see..?

see it..?

gotta stop and smell them flowers! :)

much as you can!

Saw this at the Gardens by the Bay

This was at the Botanical Gardens, many of them..

This turtle seems to have an injury on it's left leg..

Look what we found!
(the sign says Swan nesting do not approach)

But we managed to snag a pic! :))

The new Healing Garden at the Botanical Gardens is now officially opened 
But not doggies allowed..:( 

With mom, in front of the Neem Gate

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoy sharing them!

T Maxx


Unknown said…
Beautiful pictures and they speak thousand words!
What a great post! Kit-cat, birdies, pretty flowers... and you & your mom! Couldn't get any better!
Play bows,
We see those eggs too, Maxx. AND we think we see a kitty cat too:) Did you get to make friends with that kitty?

We just read about Neem at the Road Dog tales a few minutes ago - how interesting that you have a Neem garden. It seems to be wonderful for the skin.

Thanks for sharing your lovely walk and photos.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!
Stella said…
Hi Tanuki Maxx:

I loved all of the pictures, such beautiful gardens. I am surprised the swan didn't get mad at you, but she had to stay and protect her eggs!

24 Paws of Love said…
Looks like a great place. What do you mean "no dogs?" Poor Maxx. :(
Sagira said…
I see the kitty!

Wow, what a cool shot of the eggs and swan.

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