Surprise Visitor

Morning All!
Maxx here, please excuse the snooze pic, couldnt get much sleep these past nights..not due to any problems but some excitement!
When me and fam took a walk on Sunday evening, little did we expect that we'd be meeting 
this fella;

Meet, hmm..we dont know what to call him but Mom suggested, Lucky since we got him in time as he was crossing the road and almost got hit by a huge cement lorry! 
We brought him to the vet yesterday to get him checked, turned out he doesn't have a microchip. The vet estimated that he's about 8-9weeks old. He was given his first vaccination, some flea and tick treatment and prevention and other necessary things a pup needs.
Mom's taking him to one of the shelters, tomorrow with hope that a good, loving family will take him in! He's so adorable and cute we're positive he's gonna steal some hearts!!

We'll keep our fingers, tails, paws, whatever it takes, crossed for him!! :))

Lucky, on the day he arrived;
 it was raining that day and he was very scared and
all covered in mud..
look at those ears! :))
a little Zen moment...~
after wash!
hey..that's my cocktail toy!
 okay, you can have it! just stay on the towel!
we had to place him in a cage, he's been marking all over the carpets...:(
 we placed his cage next to mom's bed at night
 with me on guard duty
 keep the pee in the cage buddy!
 let me have a sniff there...
 whacha looking at..
 he loves the camera!
 okay one more!
 he's lookin at me actually!
 wanna snooze Maxx?
Sure! Why not? 

Meanwhile have yourselves a terrific Tuesday!



Oh Maxx you must be exhausted watching that little one. He is adorable. Hooray for you and mom for helping him out
Benny & Lily
Lucky is a real sweetheart (and those ears!). We are crossing all our paws that he will find a great home!

24 Paws of Love said…
What a cute little guy! He's so adorable. Thank goodness mom and you saved him. We hope Lucky finds a great home. Love those ears!!
kissa-bull said…
oh we are squeeeing so loud for all that cuteness can you hear us ???

pibble sugars
the pittie pack
Andrea said…
Getting muddy is so much fun!
Woofs and Wags,
OMD, Maxx - Lucky is too cute, love those ears. That's a lot of hard work for you and mom, and your poor carpet - you have such a beautiful home, can't have that going on.

Enjoy and we hope you can find him a good home (maybe yours.)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Yup, those little pups are cute but they are a lot of work! Hope you get some rest!
Poor little guy! Oh, bless you and your mom for bringing him home!!! We're glad he's safe with you. Take good care of him, OK, Maxx?
bbes tribe said…
Lucky is a very sweet and cute puppy. He is also very lucky to have you and your Mom taking care of him. He looks furrry comfy at your house.....
Anonymous said…
Please keep us updated about him.
How fantastic that you were there when you were.
Sagira said… cute. I sure hope he finds a great forever home.

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