Weekend Story

Allo Allo!
Sweet Saturday is upon us again!
So many pics to share with all, where do i begin...?

We'll start with this pic;

Ruby on her car ride

Me at the Gardens on Friday 

This morning at the Botanical Gardens, look what we saw..
Elephant Parade 2011 Singapore is here!!
These are just two of the, 160 life-sized fibreglass baby elephants, painted and decorated by International artists and celebrities, which are on display at the Gardens. The remaining are on display in other parts of the island.

Why so green..?
This one's called Nipon Kaewkumdee
This is Tanom KonChang
(it has a print of Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim)
Me trying to strike up a conversation..
Let's go see the swans mom!
but look what we saw before that!
the nerve of that fluff! 
This is banana flower
It's edible and used in 
cooking Malay dishes
This again...
feeding time
we go through this each week Maxx...! - mommy

Me spending time with the dad-ster:
checking out the sands
taking pics of 
sea shells..
by the seashore..
and a glimpse of sunrise! :)
having a drink
Enjoy your weekend!!

P.s - As mom is posting this blog, it's raining heavily outside...:(
Looks like it's gonna be a wet weekend for us here in Singapore.
Nevertheless we wish you a happy, relaxing and fun weekend wherever you are!!



D.K. Wall said…
Those elephants look really cool.
Ruby sure looks like a very happy pup!

The elephants are so cool - those gardens always have so many wonderful things to see.

We so enjoy your beautiful photos - so very well done.

We have a very rainy day here too so we will be snoozing the day away.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
24 Paws of Love said…
Thanks for sharing in your culture. Those elephants are very cool and I love that banana flower! So awesome. Your days at the beach are so wonderful and peaceful, we enjoy going along with you on your adventures. Have a great weekend.
Such fabulous pictures! And we love the "Elephants on Parade"!

Sagira said…
Those seashells sure are pretty and I just love that green elephant, so colorful and pretty. :)
Awesome pix, Maxx! That banana flower is amazing looking! The green elephant ... he looks like he had some bad curry or something. Ha woo.

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