Weekend Reflections

Today our post is dedicated to all fur-iends who have left us. We'd also like to share a piece of wonderful joyous news. 
Lucky, the pup who stayed with us for a bit, has finally found her forever home! She's been adopted! :)
With all the sad news we've been reading about recently, this piece of news helped put a smile on our faces. Hopefully it would put a smile on your faces too..:)

Now for some morning pics and quotes;
“To live in this single moment, this lightest breath, this softest touch, to be captured by this smallest, this briefest space of time, to be fully present, alive, consumed in this instant alone, this is truly living.”--Jill Pendley
Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes a day,
reflect on what you have and appreciate it! - Author Unknown

The weekend's almost over..but we're ready to start a new week! 
Have a good one!

Cheers and luv,

Maxx and mommy


Great post dear Max!!
Love love it!!!!
Our thoughts are for all our friends in needed and we pray for them!!!
Have a great weekend!!!
We love youuuuuuu!!!
Sweet golden hugs and licks!!!
How exciting for Lucky, and how good it must make you and Mom feel to know you gave Lucky a future that might not have been.

We hope the new week brings a lot happier days for all.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Unknown said…
So glad to hear that Lucky has found her furever home.

Great quotes!

We're sad that so many furfriends have left us lately. Hope they are running happily over the Briedge. We also wish our two dearest girls are playing happily with their new friends too.
We were so happy to read about Lucky! She will surely have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful life!

Lots of beautiful pics again!

We loved your comment of "kireI' the other day, Maxx! You know #1 lived in Japan for 20 years and speaks fluent Japanese!

Woofs (they say "Wan" in Japan!)
the_Dogfather said…
Great job, bro!! Lucky has been very lucky indeed! Thus mommy & i decided to award you the Liebster Blog Award. Please stop by our blog for your award. Yay!!
That is GREAT news! Go, Lucky, go!!!
Thanks for letting us know!
Play bows,

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