Superb Sunday

Happy Sunday to all!
Bit late on the posting but it's been crazy around the house. We're having some company over next week and with all the spring cleaning, holiday gathering etc. mom's been bit occupied and hardly have time for her blog duties...:(
We'll do our best to visit and comment much as we can and we soo miss all of woo!

So, for today, here goes!

Ruby's mom sent us a pic of her time at the beach!
as well as a pic of the special memorial service on Saturday at K9 Kulture,
 for all fur buddies who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge;

On Friday we were at the bay and saw some boats
Are we going on board?
On Saturday morning we went to the beach 
and left pawprints in the sand
Hey mom, where's your foot prints..? Are you floating..:?!

We saw this at the beach, it looks like they're doing some sort of sun saluting!

Anyways, afterwards we went home and i got my teeth brushed!
Check em out!

Saturday evening we were at the Bay Gardens again and we saw a couple of sail yachts!

then we ran into Yoda and Maya, the sausage doggies!!
who's always eager to say hi!!

Sitting at one of the shelters, catching the breeze;
Watching the yachts sail by;

Caught a glimpse of the full moon;

On Sunday morning, we went to the Botanical Gardens again!! :))
Me like this tree particularly because
it's done by Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary and the ornaments on the trees are
pics of fur buddies, bunnies, horses etc that the sanctuary rescued! :))

beautiful they are!!

 And of course the best part of the walk was walking with a buddy!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Maxx and mommy


Unknown said…
You live in a very beautiful country, Maxx! Those buildings are gorgeous.

My mom talks about spring cleaning on and off but I don't think she really means it.

Oh, it is just so beautiful there, Maxx. All the beautiful grounds to see and such uniquely designed buildings. We loved all your photos. So what did happen to Mommy's footprints?

We hope your time with your company goes well. Enjoy.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Pee Ess - can you send us your email address - we would love to send you one of our holiday e-cards.
Maxx, just when I think your photos can't get any better, I get WOWed once again! These pix are STUNNING!!!
I love that quote on the ASPCA ornament! That's really great!
Enjoy your company -- I assume they're coming to see you? Ha rooo!
Play bows,
So much fun, Maxx! You are one lucky boy!

What beautiful pictures Maxx. It always looks so peaceful and gorgeous over there
Benny & Lily
Sagira said…
What a great idea about the tree. :)

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