Mom-less Monday

Happy Monday!
It's a cold, cloudy rainy Monday here. The rain's almost stopped but dark clouds are gathering again..
Nevertheless, we had a great (early) morning walk today. Since it was still very dark, mommy couldnt take any pics of our walk but we do have walking pics from the weekend! :-)
I had a fantastic time, smelling flowers at the gardens on Saturday
and the green green grass
caught in the act of watering the flowers...
one of my favourite spots
the swans were all there
that's not my fluff..!
that's mine!

Mom's heading out soon to run some errands and other stuffs...ex. getting my treats and provisions which are runnin out. 

Dont worry mom! I'll keep the fort safe as always! 
You know what an alert guard pup i am...
Have a Merry Monday!



Rain rain go away
Benny & Lily
sharkgila said…
Good job taking care of the fort while mom is gone.

Togo, Tagar & Gamby.
jacko said…
Wow, you really had a great day, the lakes was cool and it's looks refreshing :)

Dog Shock Collar
Mmmm... I can almost smell the flowers!
Play bows,

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