Sibe-ling Weekend

Allo and Happy Sunday to all!
Our Sunday morning started with heavy rain. Fact, it's still raining now..
The hu-dad's still snoozin in bed, mom's decided to get up and get blogging and i of course had to monitor and make sure she's doing her job before rushing off somewhere again. Can woo believe it, she went out on Friday night, only to come back at 3 in the morning...! With moi waiting by the door way for her! Needless to say, i stayed up all night till she came back...! :-(
hmm...just got back, have

Anyhowls, we went to the Gardens as per always and we're thrilled to have Zackt joined us. It's been some time since me and Zackt took a walk together, what with our mom's different time schedules, excuses etc. Nevertheless, we had an awesome walk!
a bit of squabble in front of the swans
but no harm done!
i found a way to get closer to them..!
i was more interested in what's on the ground,
and mom's finally had enough of me pickin up stuffs, she decided
we move...
ahh..our evening walk at the Gardens..:)
What a way to spend the weekend!

Thanks for the awesome time Zackt!

Hope your weekend's been fun and relaxing too!



Wow, your Mom was out very late, shame on her keeping you up waiting:)

You and Zackt look so good together, bet you all had a fun walk.

Hope the rains let up so you and Mom can get out again.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Humans should rally not be allowed to stay out that late!

Looks like a great time with Zackt!

FiveSibesMom said…
I can not believe your mom made you wait that long for her return. Looks like she made up for it with some great walks! Your furpal Zackt is very handsome too - what a sight you two beauties must have been for passersby! Have a great weekend filled with lots of great walks!

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