Tuesday Trouble..

Good morning all!

Momster here. Woken at 3am this morning by our fur friend. He's got a little allergic reaction on his face...yet again. Still trying to figure out what triggered it..Didnt change any of his food, nor did i feed him any new treats etc. Probably sniffed something outside that he's allergic to...?

Anyways, he wanted me to post these pics to share with all;
er..mom..i dont feel so good..:(
my face feels kinda funny..

my eye lid's kinda heavy...

After effects of the antihistamine;
I'll pass the posting back to the momster now, 
hope your Tuesday's gonna be great!

Momster again here;
The swelling seems to subside after giving him the antihistamine and our friend's sleeping soundly now..ahh..mommy can be at ease now. :-) 

Cheers and scratches,


Is it possible that he got bit by some bug? Paws crossed he will be OK. Hugs to you,Maxx.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
We agree with our pals in OP KS...some kind of bite

Nice to see the majikh pills helped!

poor baby,,,did mom wash it with plain cool water
Benny & Lily
Poor Maxx! Like the OP Pack and Khyra, we also immediately wondered whether it wasn't a reaction to a bug bite?

Please feel better soon, Big Guy!

Unknown said…
Oh dear, I hope you're feeling much much better now.
24 Paws of Love said…
Ahh, You poor baby. Did you try to do the tango with a bee or wasp?? Zappa has done that a few times. Hope you are feeling better. What a good mommy you have who will take care of you. :)
Unknown said…
Hey maxx how are you today? I hope your now doing great today. Yeah we really have another great adventure with my mom and dad :D

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