Weekend Wrap Up

Allo All and Happy Day to you!!

Today we're doing a wrap up of all that's been going on throughout the week since our last posting. Mom's been v busy lately and hardly have time to do much posting...lucky me! :(
If only i could reach the computer table and if only they made the keypads larger for my paws..
Anyhowls, as you know, Monday was my barkday. Yes i'm officially 8 now and it feels good to be this age!
Now on to em pics! Hang on to your furs! It's gonna be a post filled with pics!
 I got a petite pupcake last Monday night;
Did lots of these on Tuesday
 Went to the Gardens to catch the morning sun on Wednesday
 And to the beach the next day
 to watch this
Said hi to the turtles at Botanical Gardens on Saturday
and look at these, they remind mommy of crepes! Yummy!
 evening sky gazing at the Bay Gardens
Weekend at Botanic Gardens again, this time
with my best Buddy
 Strolls and such
we own the walk path!! BOL!

And spent whole of Sunday afternoon
 @ Zackt's Casa!
lots of actions throughout 
the day
when i finally got home;
i was super exhausted but what a FUN FUN day!!

Hope you have a magnificent Monday!

P.s- Thanks Zackt and family for your kind hospitality! :-)



It sounds like a totally amazing birthday, Maxx! I wish I had been along with the two of you!

I'll bet you and Zackt had a BLAST!
Your beach is so beautiful - and Mom loves the sunrises!!!
I'm glad you had such a great birthday - that pup-cake looks so GOOD!
Play bows,
We would have to say you had a great weekend, especially the part with the pupcake ANd the time spent with Zackt!!! Beautiful photos.

Happy Birthday, Maxx, and many,many more to come.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
What a fun week. Glad one of those days were snoozing, BOL
Benny & Lily

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