Friday Pics and paws..

Happy Friday to all!
The weather's been pretty warm..thus our evening walks are later than usual but it's a good thing too, cause otherwise we wont be able to take pics of our walks if it rains. 

Swans at the Botanical Gardens
Some cloud works
The evening sunset on Thursday
Here i was, hydrating myself ;-)
Evening at East Coast Beach
This was on Friday morning
After all that, i resumed to my usual post and kept my
paws crossed for the weather to be kind to all my friends all around the globe!
Enjoy the coming weekend!!


Unknown said…
Wow, Maxx you really have a great day with your family! :D

Puppy Bond | Dog Shock Collar
Sunrise or sunset, you always have the best pics to share. We could sure use a cooldown in the weather here.

Have a great weekend, Maxx.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
It's VERY important to stay hydrated! Have a great weekend, buddy!
Play bows,
Oh my goodness, beautiful
Benny & Lily

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