Long Time no blog..

Allo Allo! Happy Day to all!
Yes it's been a while since our last blog and its all thanks to the momster, who's just got back from her short retreat! ;-) 
Now that she's back, she's resuming to her blog duties ASAP
Hello Hello! Miss me?
Wonder where those hoomans are off to...running and panting
in this weather...!

why cant they slow down
 and smell the flowers...
Watch the sunset...
say hello to others
all life forms

Now me, I prefer to sit
and watch the world go by
followed by some yum yum!
and finish with a good nap
Now that is hard work! ;-)



We were getting worried about you! Great to see you, buddy. Tell me - did you get a taste of that gorgeous pastry? It looks SO good!
Yay, you are back!!! We were so happy to see you visiting us today too. We saw your beautiful home on Zackt's post - so very pretty.

That breakfast looks so yummy, hope you got a taste too.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
brooke said…
How do you handle the heat with all that fur?! Darwin can barely do a 30min walk and she has short short short fur.

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