Wednesday Tribute

Allo All!
Good Morning and Happy Wednesday. Well it's morning now in Singapore, 5.20 to be exact!
Mom's having one of her insomnia visits again...:(

Today me and mommy are doing a tribute for our sweet angle fur-iend, Muffin who crossed the rainbow bridge exactly one year ago. Here's our way of sharing the memories with her and remembering her! Muffin loves the beach and water and rainbow too! :-)
Here's Muffin with aunt Kimmy

she luvs the beach!
with Zackt and me..:)
sweet muffin
with her favourite stuffie
Now this here is Ruby, the newbie who is filling Muffin's shoes and showering her family
with lots of love and joy and blessings!!
Ruby and aunt Kimmy

The weather's been the same over here, we get hot noon and thundery showers soon afterwards 
here i was at the gardens during the weekend
saw some kitty khats
i said hello, in my version..! BOL!

Mom's heading out again and she thought i didnt hear 
what she said about somefur needing a bath after walking on muddy grounds....
i can soo hear you mom!

To end this post, we'd like to share this quote with all of our furiends all over the globe!

life is like a flute,
it may have many holes and emptiness 
but if you work on it carefully
it can play MAGICAL melodies!!
- unknown

Happy Wednesday to all!



That is a beautiful quote, Maxx - we hope you have magical melodies in your life forever.

Muffin was a real sweetheart. Such a pretty smile. Welcome to Ruby - gorgeous too.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Unknown said…
what a great day you have with your mom and other paw friends. I'm sure that this is a great tribute for everyone.

Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond
We agree about the quote being beautiful, and so true!

Muffin was a real sweetheart and must be sorely missed, but we are glad there is a lovely Ruby to make her daily smile again!

Beautiful tribute, Maxx - and I loved those closing words!
Nice kit-cats, too! I'd love to be friends with them!
Play bows,
24 Paws of Love said…
I can't believe it has been a year since Muffin has been gone. We know she is still greatly missed. And we are glad to hear that Ruby is filling in that missing love.

Loved your closing words Maxx, just beautiful.

Have a great Wednesday!
It looks like Muffin was well loved. It's nice of you to keep remembering her.

the_Dogfather said…
sweet muffin, you are dearly missed.

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