Lotus Wednesday

Allo All and Happy Wednesday!
Whooops! Not a very flattering angle to begin with...! ;-)
 anyways, here i was exploring the grounds during our morning walk at the Bay Gardens
When i noticed something in the the murky waters..
I decided to have a closer look
and a whiff or two
Isn't it just beautiful!!

Enjoy your day!!



Oh, Maxx, that lotus is so pretty - Mom loves it. We love seeing you sniff it so gently - very sweet.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
what a beautiful flower
Benny & Lily
Mom thinks that is gorgeous - but that your handsomeness out-does any flower! (Mom's biased like that!)
Play bows,
the_Dogfather said…
beautiful blossom! a pity the heat here is killing them ;(

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