Tuesday Uploads..! Lots of em!

Good mooo...orrrning all!!
It's been a busy busy week over here at Maxx's central. Luckily i managed to stall the momster for a bit before she heads out and before i head back to my duties. Here's a bit of what i' ve been doing...

Look what i saw on my walk on Monday
He's one hardworking cow!
 though he doesn't say much..nor glance at me when i passed by..
Took the dadster for a bit of run at the gardens
watched the sun rise
can woo see the furry thing..?
a wood carving of what looks like a mini komodo dragon..
gave mom a bit of a shock, she thought it was real at first! bol!
this one i like!
Took mom and dad to the beach to
watch our sunrise!
er mom..the sun's over there..!
strolled with momster at the beach
again in the evening
saw the moon..
this was on Saturday evening, it's the rehearsal for 
the upcoming National Day Parade on Thursday!
these birds were pretty LOUD..!! NOT my fav!
oh and ate some sand at the beach...while
walking the dadster
crossed some streams with mom..

so that's pretty much what i've been up 
to the past few days..
I've been working too much!

So i decided to chill for a moment
and enjoy the bit of breeze
Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

Remember, no matter how busy you are,



We're glad it wasn't a real Komodo Dragon. We hear they're FIERCE!

Whoa, that dragon really DOES look real - be careful, he might be trying to trick you:)

Looks like all that hard work you have been doing can also be a lot of fun - super pics.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
Terrorzinhos said…
The dragon looks sooo real!
Great shots!

Enjoy your week!
24 Paws of Love said…
My goodness you really have busy. Good thing you got the Momster and Dadster out for a bit. What would they do without you?? :)
What a fun walk. Hope you are going to the parade
Benny & Lily
That is one ca-razy looking cow, Maxx!!!
Great pix!
Play bows,
Sagira said…
Looks like you have been busy and have had a great week seeing a lot of cool things.
I would have been tempted to pee on the cow. My mom would have been so embarrassed.

FiveSibesMom said…
You have sure been a busy Sibe lately! You have so many wonderful sights to see there! Especially love those beach and sunset pics!

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