Wordful Thursday :-)

Allo all! Happy Thursday!
It's been a busy but wonderful past few days with lots happening!

Well..where do I start..
Okie dokie! On Sunday we were at the botanical gardens and we saw Zackt!
Here i was, taking a breather 
here we were in action!
bit of a blur..
dad captured this while we (zackt and me) were at play
On Monday evening we got to meet Zackt again! ;-)
followed by some yogurt time afterwards!
look what we saw during our evening walk..
Snake skin..eerrkkk! 
 mommy still wants to hang around and take pics..!(>_<)
i did a little snake wrestling once i got home..

Well, that's pretty much what's been goin on this few days. 
There's few more pics to share but we'll save it for our next post!
Enjoy your day!



We're glad you got some Zackt time in! You two always have such fun together!
Mmm... yogurt!
Looks like great times, Maxx!

31 was very excited because she met a very handsome red Husky and a lovely grey Malamute today!

Always great fun to meet up with a super pal like Zackt. And then how nice to come home to a nice snuggle with THAT kind of snake and not the one on your walk.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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