Booty and bath..;(

Allo Allo!
Well..I've stepped on somethin that requires me to put on a booty so that the cut wouldn't get infected...;(
Bout time for another bath..??! 
Who said that..?!!!?!(◎_◎;)


Don't you just hate those booties? I hope your cut is all better soon. As for baths, I personally don't mind them but spaniels are water dogs...

OUCH! I sure hope your footy-foot feels better fast!!!
Hey... don't you think a bath would be bad for that foot? I mean, don't vets say to keep things "clean and DRY"?!?! Really. Try that one on your mom and see if it works!!!
We have to agree with Dave - all cuts must be kept clean AND dry for a long, long time!!! Stylish booty there,Maxx. Hope your paw gets better quickly and no BATH!

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
those booties stink. Oh my that picture is hilarious!
Benny & Lily

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