Snuggles and shock

Allo All and Happy Sunday to woos!
Mommy was out super early today for her outdoor practice..

but the shock was this..
what's wrong with this picture...?
this space used to be filled with treats, etc etc
you know, the provisions...
look at it now...
mom's slackin in her replenishing duties...! ;-(
I'll just wait here and give her this look when
she comes back...!
lets do this till then..zz.zzzzZZ
Look who's decided to join in the waiting too! ;-)

Enjoy your Sunday!!



Horrors - the cupboard is almost bare. But Maxx, you are lucky - at least you can check your treat stash. Ours is waaaaaaaaay up high.

Hope the Mom returns with bagsful of goodies for YOU!!!

Happy snoozing with your pal.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning
she better be coming back with treats!!
Benny & Lily
You look so sad and worried, Maxx! Paws crossed your Mom has done her duty!

Oh, how SAD!!!! Maxx... Maxx... are you OK?!?! Did your mom bring treats home for you!?!?
FiveSibesMom said…
Oh, that's a too-empty treat drawer! Mom needs to get shopping or get baking! Hope you had a nice nap while waiting! :-)

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