Allo All!

Long time indeed!
Hope all of you are in the BEST of health!!
Blogger's been bad to us...we werent able to upload pics for mommy has to upload pics from her computer to picassa and from there to blogger, so far it's doing ok but at times it turns out fuzzy yet again...! ;-(

Anyhowls, so much to catch up on and update.
We celebrated the momster's bday yesterday with a little cake and a wonderful walk at the gardens.
The weather's been frickle lately, we get hot hot mornings on some days and it turns dark and wet in the late noons and early evenings. This morning it started to pour at about 6plus..while we were at the beach but luckily i managed to and answer nature's call before that, so WHEW!!
I'll let the pics do the talking from here, meanwhile have a great Monday and a super start to another new week!

Wet evening walk on Saturday
but we managed to snag a pic of the highway
Sunday at the Botanic Gardens
A pic with mommy
morning ray of sunlight enlightens our mood
On Sunday night;
what's this above my head...?
something's following me...
 Ok mom, now let's have some of that cake shall we?
gone in 60 seconds!
the skies this morning...;-(
But it's all good now, the rain's stopped for a bit though the skies and clouds have plans to rain again in the afternoon, it seems. Take care everyone!!



Steve & Kat said…
Happy birthday to your mom! You look so cute in your rain coat. I bet if you wear that you don't have to get THE TOWEL when you get home. I hate THE TOWEL.

Happy Birthday to your momma. That monster balloon must go. We scream at those things
Benny & Lily
Happy Birthday to your Mom from all of us! Those are very nice pics of the two of you together. We hope those rains go away so you can have some good walkies.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
TimberLove said…
Harrroooo Maxx! Happy birthday to your mum! Nobody like walkies in the rain, I think pops needs to get little brofur one of those coats though...hope it clears up. Play bows,

Happy Birthday to your Mom from all of us!
Happy Gotcha Day to your mommy!

Khake is a good thing!

Happy belated birthday to your mom! I just LOVE that picture of the two of you in the sunlight - I'll bet that felt great!

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