Wet weekend..hope not!

Wet wet wet..that's what's been happening to us lately in our walks. We've been getting lots of rainy days and me and mom got ourselves drenched a couple of times especially during our evening walks. Today however, we managed to stay dry and had a breezy, relaxing walk..;-)
Here's a look at the skies here in the lion city these past days. Have a great weekend and happy holidays to all!



Glad it was dry for your walk today, Maxx! And that's a nice rainbow!

We've been getting pouring rain and wind all day today so I have barely been able to go outside at all. Paws crossed for better things tomorrow.

A beautiful rainbow after all than wet stuff. We are having rain here too
Benny & Lily
Beautiful pix, Maxx! And hey! Send the rain to us! We're 12 inches short for the year - a horrible drought. BUT we might get a little rain tonight ! Cross your paws for us!
Play bows,
good is very beatitul view
What a beautiful rainbow! Good to hear you got at least today's walk in. We have rain coming in overnight, but we really need it. Mom says it can rain all night as long as it isn't too muddy in the yard.

Happy weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
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