Blah blahs

Harooo!!! Long time no blog and whose fault is that..?
Needless to say its the momster's! Anyways we hope all of you are doing great and in the very best of health. Lots been going on here, we had a fantastic new year though I was left behind while mom and pop went to Japan. It was a break for me too, Stayed with my fellow fur buddies, Zackt and Serve and their family! Thank you so much for the kind hospitality and wonderful enjoyable walks together!! Me and the family did a lot of catching up, long walks etc. once they're back!
Mommy will be away again next week just for a short while but meanwhile I will be staying with Zackt till she returns. She promise to catch up on the blog front! Till then, Cheers!!

Maxx and momster


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